Meeting Skills

Meeting Skills



  •  Understand the role and requirements of meetings in  business
  •  Be able to plan more effectively for meetings
  •  Be better able to participate in meetings
  •  Understand the functions of the chair and chair meetings yourself
  •  Use appropriate and accurate language for meetings


Staff and managers who need to improve their communication skills and confidence for both internal and external meetings.

Obsah seminára

This communicative workshop focuses on the responsibilities of all participants: preparation, planning and timing. It also includes the special skills needed by a chairperson to lead the meeting to a satisfactory outcome for all. Topics include:


•                Establishing the purpose of the meeting
•                Setting the agenda
•                Purpose of minutes
•                Rights and obligations of the minute-taker
•                Supporting the minute-taker
•                Managing the discussion
•                Making decisions
•                Managing conflict
•                Building consensus
•                Structuring your contributions
•                Using gestures effectively
•                Emphasizing points
•                Using different question types
•                Reading body language
•                Summing up
•                Closing a meeting


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Mgr. Jana Patáková
  +421 915 952 827