Communication and conflict management

Communication and conflict management


This course provides conflict training to equip participants with skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to effectively, potentially, assertively and constructively handle potentially negative performance situations at the workplace. The aim of conflict management training is to present practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies that can be effectively used by managers and executives to manage conflicts at the workplace. It should be based on previous training, skills and knowledge on effective performance management.


Conflict management skills can help in addressing conflicts internal to an organization, either between individuals or departments. Good conflict management training enables staff members to positively engage either with colleagues or groups, to handle controversial conversations, to deliver difficult news, to express constructive criticism and to answer negative comments.

Obsah seminára

Current conflict resolution strategies at the workplace (defining confrontation, current conflict resolution strategies, etc.); Conflict styles (recognizing different styles of conflict, determining their impact, etc.); conflict management process (recognizing contributions and potential conflicts management strategies to change the outcome); style of influence and assertiveness; conflict resolution activities; action planning and reflection.


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