Communicating with Confidence in English

Communicating with Confidence in English

Getting your message across in difficult situations


Improvement of the language competencies necessary for independent functioning in the English language, acquisition of the techniques and strategies necessary for the effective fulfillment of the tasks related to the course orientation, expansion of vocabulary from the field of general and specialized language, improvement of the strategy of working with unknown vocabulary.



The workshop is designed for employees who communicate with foreign partners during business meetings, conferences, business meetings. The required entry level is intermediate B1 to upper-intermediate B2.

Obsah seminára

On the 1st day of this  workshop, we’ll have lots of practice in making, sustaining, and closing conversations in English. We’ll review common expressions to begin, continue, and end discussions, take part in a wide variety of small talk topics, and practice active listening techniques. You’ll learn how to agree and disagree politely in English, to give your opinion clearly and appropriately, and explore common cultural differences in topics, communication style, and tone. At the end of this workshop, you will feel more confident in communicating with people on a personal level using English.


On the 2nd day of this workshop, we’ll explore language and techniques to communicate using English in difficult or sensitive situations. We’ll review common phrases, tips, and techniques to effectively negotiate, to give your opinion clearly and appropriately, and to agree or disagree politely. We’ll also practice communicating tough decisions empathetically and diplomatically. At the end of this workshop, you will feel more confident in communicating effectively in challenging contexts.


CHRISTY MORGAN (Elite language Centre)

Christy Morgan is a Business English trainer, Job Seeker Support Consultant, and Proofreader with 20 years’ experience across a wide variety of industries. Drawing upon her extensive international expertise in senior management, operations, internal recruitment, talent management, and HR, she provides high-quality English training and consulting services to individuals from around the world. She has lived in Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia and Canada, and has taught students from all over Europe, Asia, South America, and beyond. She has worked in both British and American English, and she is generally familiar with the subtleties of Australian, Irish, Scottish, and Canadian English. She has Post- Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics and Bachelor of Arts in Humanities.


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