Administrative writing

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    28. - 29. 11. 2018
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Administrative writing


Enable participants to improve the level of their formal written expression in the context of their work responsibilities.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

• Understand the important roles and functions of today’s office in business
• Understand the changing role of the office administrator and their contribution
• Increase productivity in the office and appreciate the use of appropriate communication tools in the office
• Manage and handle information for maximum results so as to help the organisation to achieve its business goals


The seminar is intended for those interested in improving the level of written expression in the work environment. The required entry level is upper-intermediate B2 to lower advanced C1.

Obsah seminára

Principles of Good /Effective Administrative Writing, Internal Correspondence, External Correspondence (General Layout of  Business Letters, Administrative Letter, Letter of Refusal, Request Letter, Letter of Complaint, etc), Vocabulary, Most Common Abbreviations, Useful Phrases, Rules of Punctuation, Transitional Devices, Common Mistakes etc.,  according to the participants' needs.
To earn credibility and get the results you want from colleagues, clients and top management, you have to write with clarity and conviction. Mastering effective business writing skills is even more crucial during a volatile economy, when there’s no time for wasted words or miscommunications. Organized, logical and persuasive writing allows you to break through the clutter to get your message heard. Effective professional business writing engages your audience, prompts action and delivers results.


DEAN BOWER                                                                            

Dean Bower has taught English through Elite Language Center for two years and consistently receives outstanding feedback from our clients about his course preparation and communication skills.

After university, Dean began his career as a Restaurant Manager in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, before moving into the retail industry as a Store Manager and Operations Manager.  After 16 years in this industry, he pursued a separate interest by founding a buying and selling business within the auction space,  before  joining  an  innovative  store-based  logistics  start  up  in  London,  UK.  In this senior management role, Dean launched the company’s flagship store at the iconic Waterloo Station, as well as steering all recruitment, employee training, software testing, and operational activities.

In 2016 Dean relocated to Slovakia, where he currently leverages his considerable insight into business management and employee engagement to create dynamic, highly-targeted English classes that are strongly aligned to each participant’s specific general and business English needs.

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28. - 29. 11. 2018 (Pozvánka)


Mgr. Emília Farkašová
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prezentácia:               8.45 h – 9.00 h

vyučovanie:                9.00 h – 16.00 h


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